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Soil cultivators

When cultivating potatoes, the preparation of the seed bed is crucial; in comes the AVR Multivator!

Puma 3


The Puma 3 demonstrates the superiority on the market of self-propelled four-row harvesters...

Spirit 6100


The Spirit 6100 is a 1-row offset potato harvester equipped with a six ton bunker.

Spirit 6200


The Spirit 6200 is a 2-row offset potato harvester equipped with a six ton bunker.

Spirit 9200


The Spirit 9200 is a 2-row offset potato harvester equipped with an eight ton bunker.

Spirit 9200 VW


The Spirit 9200 VW is a 2-row offset potato harvester equipped with a six ton bunker and Varioweb.



The AVR Esprit is a 2-row elevator harvester for in-line or off-set harvesting.


Soil cultivators

The AVR GE-Force is a hook tine soil cultivator, guaranteeing a perfect planting bed.

Combi machine

Soil cultivators

The AVR Combi machine combines three functions in one frame: Ecoridger, Speedridger and weeder.


Soil cultivators

The AVR Compact is a rear mounted soil cultivator, used in combination with the planter.

Mounted planters

Potato planters

AVR planters are well known to be extremely reliable, precise and robust!

Trailed planters

Potato planters

Trailed planters have the advantage your tractor needs less lifting power.

Receiving hoppers

Crop handling

AVR receiving hoppers make sure your crop is handled in an effective, and potato friendly way.

Store loaders

Crop handling

AVR’s telescopic store loaders are efficient, product-friendly & well-suited for swiftly unloading.

Twin conveyors

Crop handling

AVR twin conveyors offer a high capacity without product damage, and extremely user-friendly.

Belt elevator

Crop handling

The AVR CTK is a transporter with high capacity and length, making it perfect for loading trucks.

Stone & clod separators

Crop handling

The AVR CSKS mechanically separates stones and clods from your crop.

Pick-up loader

Crop handling

The AVR Scooter pick-up loader is an essential machine for removing bulk stored products.


Haulm toppers

With an AVR haulm topper, you can be assured of efficient haulm removal!