Selection menu - Service after office hours


Selection menu after office hours - priority to urgent calls

Service can also be reached by telephone after office hours (+32 51 25 98 80). So anyone can call us, but is told via the selection menu that non-urgent calls are billed at 100 € per call. As such, we want to spend as much of our available time as possible on urgent calls.

  • Urgent calls (will not be invoiced):

Calls for technical assistance, requests for intervention or collection of spare parts, and this only for problems that seriously disrupt the operation of the machine resulting in downtime and for which the necessary information is not available in the manuals or the diagrams will not be invoiced.

  • Non-urgent calls (will be invoiced):

Calls for problems that do not seriously disrupt the operation of the machine. We can solve these issues more efficiently during office hours when the entire team is available.