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AVR’s digitization process continues. The manufacturer presents its new online machine configurator: My AVR. This online tool allows you to configure all machines in the AVR range completely yourself, including all available options and even the harvesters’ web pitches.

"This configurator is based on the tool that our dealers have been using for a few years now in their personal dealer zone to make quotations. Once the configuration is completed, the dealer receives a PDF with an overview and basic price of the standard machine, and with explanations, photos and prices of the selected options.
As soon as the customer agrees with the quotation, the dealer can place an order via his dealer zone, and all that in just a few clicks." Says Stefaan Dierickx, AVR Sales & Marketing Director.

“In terms of customer experience, we really wanted to make the functionalities of this configurator also available to the public. We find it important that a customer gets a fully customised offer, adapted to the needs of his crop, soil and capacity. That is why we do not mention the prices in the public version. The customer can confidently rely on the knowledge, expertise and service of his dealer to guide him."


Easy to use

The configurator is very detailed. You can choose between the five product categories that the potato machinery manufacturer offers: soil cultivators, planting machines, haulm toppers, harvesters and crop handling equipment. For each category, you can choose a machine type (e.g. Puma 4.0 or Spirit 9200 for the harvesters). Then, you choose a basic machine type and tick the desired options.

The built-in algorithms automatically ensure that you can only combine options that can also be combined in reality.

The options have a clear description and a photo that can be enlarged. This makes it easy to configure a machine yourself.

The result of the configuration is sent by mail.


AVR digital

"We have been going through a digital transformation process for a while now. This not only helps us, but also our dealers and customers.

As mentioned earlier, we have completely digitised our ordering process and all product information is also available to dealers 24/7 on the AVR Dealer Zone. The dealer zone continues to evolve, with new features and modules being added all the time.

We have also developed Service Connect for the dealers. A digital warranty and ticketing system. This makes it easy for all concerned parties to follow up service-related matters per specific machine, resulting in a faster settlement.

Finally, there is AVR Connect. This online platform offers the advantage that data from planting and harvesting machines can be visualised, and even combined with field data from external partners. Based on this data, the farmer can make decisions more easily, or, for example, choose to use variable planting or measure harvesting yields and much more.

We will continue to invest in the further development of these platforms so that we can work in a very customer-oriented way.” Concludes Stefaan Dierickx.


Watch the tutorial and get started!


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