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AVR celebrates 175th birthday with limited edition Puma 4.0


Throughout 2024, AVR, manufacturer of a full range of potato harvesting machines and a world player in that market segment, will celebrate the company’s 175th anniversary.


The story of AVR starts in 1849 when Pieter Vansteenkiste founds a forge in Roeselare where he manufactures agriculture and horticulture tools. Later the business is named after his son: Alfons Vansteenkiste Roeselare. AVR is born.


The company grows in step with the breakneck-paced technological advances of the 20th century and by the time engineer Norbert Nollet takes over the company in the 1970s, it is an established manufacturer of mechanical potato harvesting machines. A new family at the head of AVR. The product range is gradually expanded to eventually comprise the entire potato growing process, from planting bed preparation to planting, harvesting, haulm topping and storing.

After several attempts in the early seventies, the first 4-row self-propelled potato harvesters on a Moreau frame leave the workshop in 1975.  In 1986 the first 2-row self-propelled bunker harvester is built and in 2006 AVR launches its first Puma: the 4-row self-propelled harvester, currently in its fourth generation, remains the showpiece of the product range thanks to an exceptional basic concept and countless evolutions.


In short, a family business that developed from a producer of hand tools into a manufacturer of high-tech machines for every stage of the potato growing process. A history of transformation and specialisation.


“But our mission remains unchanged,” says AVR’s managing director Stefan Top. “We manufacture, sell and service machines for potato growers who wish to work more efficiently and more sustainably. We market innovative technologies and products that make it possible to store more saleable potatoes with less effort in less time, using less fuel and with less soil compaction.”


”And that mission is more socially relevant than ever. We aim to be the partner par excellence for those farmers who are taking up the challenges of tomorrow,” Top concludes.

Limited edition Puma 4.0

Meanwhile, that showpiece, the self-propelled Puma, has shifted more than 550 units, from its home market in Western Europe to Canada and Australia. What better machine to put AVR’s 175th anniversary in the spotlight?

In 2024 AVR is marketing a limited edition of the Puma 4.0. The high-tech self-propelled harvester with a retro look - old meets new.


A very limited series of this harvester will be made available. Keep an eye on AVR’s social media for a sneak peek.

Miniature Puma 4.0

This year AVR will also be presenting its first miniature Puma 4.0. This anniversary year is the perfect occasion to satisfy this long-standing demand from the market. Every customer who buys a Puma 4.0 this year will also receive a miniature version. This also goes for the limited edition Puma 4.0, which comes with a miniature limited edition.


Delivery of the miniature versions is expected in early November, just in time for Interpom and other festivities taking place around that period that are centred around AVR’s 175th anniversary. Preordering will be possible this spring.


Renovation works

AVR continues to grow, even after 175 years. On the heels of the opening of a new branch in Germany in late 2023, the head office in Roeselare is undergoing a thorough renovation, with an expansion of up to 50 places. The project should be completed in November of this year.


Throughout the year, AVR is planning a variety of commercial actions, exceptional merchandising and anniversary events, on the one hand to thank its loyal and familiar AVR network of employees, customers and dealers while on the other hand prefacing a bright and innovative future.

Check AVR’s socials on a regular basis to keep up to date.




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About AVR

AVR manufactures a full range of potato harvesting machines. From planting bed preparation, planting and ridging to haulm topping, harvesting and storing.

The mission of AVR is clear: we manufacture, market and service machines for potato growers who wish to work more sustainably and efficiently. We market innovative technology and products that make it possible to store more saleable potatoes with less effort in less time, using less fuel and with less soil compaction.

In everything we do - from conceiving and developing our machines to our sustainable collaboration with customers and dealers - we live up to our core values: respect, reliability, steadfastness and commitment.


Internationally AVR employs 250 amazing staff and boasts a network of over 100 dealers in 60 countries. In 2023 AVR realised a turnover of €96 million.

AVR is a Belgian family business with 175 years of experience and is headquartered in Roeselare. The company also has branches in the Netherlands and Germany.