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Do you need any spare parts for your machine? You can order them from our warehouse all year round. Moreover, during the harvesting season we open our doors for a longer period of time so you can start working immediately.


Roeselare: Email | +32 51 25 98 84

Veendam: Email | +31 598 66 66 71


Closing days 2022:

  • December 17th - January 4th 2022 (Roeselare only)
  • December 20th - January 2nd 2022 (Veendam only)
  • April 18th
  • April 27th (Veendam only)
  • May 26th
  • May 27th (Veendam only)
  • June 6th 
  • July 21st (Roeselare only)
  • August 15th (Roeselare only)
  • November 1st (Roeselare only)
  • November 11th (Roeselare only)
  • December 22th - January 6th 2023 (Roeselare only)
  • December 26th & 27th (Veendam)

Delivery costs

Delivery costs depend on weight and volume, please ask us.


COVID 19: Warehouse remains open

If you do not live in Belgium, you can only order spare parts through your dealer.

Do you live in Belgium? You can still contact our warehouse is Roeselare for your spare parts. Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

1. Please order your spare parts in advance via spareparts@avr.beAs such, we can prepare your order in time so that there is as little contact as possible.
2. Please respect the 1.5 m distance, if this is not possible, please wear your mask. 
3. Pay electronically or by invoice.

Thank you for your understanding!