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AVR Spirit 7200 with new Clean & Go bunker



Our newest Spirit 7200 recently joined the AVR Spirit family as a trailed, two-row offset potato harvester. New for this machine is that it can now optionally be equipped with the new Clean & Go bunker.



The new Clean & Go bunker provides additional cleaning by means of a cleaning roller mounted between the bunker floor and the elevator. Opting for a rod web as an elevator web also brings additional sieving capacity.


Nonstop harvesting offers huge logistic advantages. With the Clean & Go bunker, AVR combines the best of 2 worlds. First of all there is the 6.5 ton bunker, which provides enough of a buffer to continue harvesting if the trailer is not yet present, and ensures smooth deployment in the field. And secondly there is the possibility to unload while driving, which saves a lot of time. There is no more need to stop, raise the bunker, and maneuver around the trailer to be able to unload.

As the elevator can rotate independently of the bunker floor, the bunker can be used at full capacity.


Clean & Go technical specifications

There is a capacity control function for unloading the bunker. To be able to empty the bunker as efficiently as possible, the speed of the elevator is automatically adjusted based on the product flow in the elevator. This increases ease of use when unloading while harvesting.

Thanks to the 3 articulations in the elevator, it is possible to unload deep inside the trailer. If desired, an optional shock absorber can be installed to further break the fall or for filling crates while driving.

  • 6.5 ton bunker with elevator
  • Hydraulically driven bunker floor
  • Hydraulically driven elevator
  • Hexagonal transition/cleaning roller (18 mm spacing)
  • Sieving web with pitch 35 / star PVC panelling 16 mm
  • Elevator sieving surface = 1.65 m x 4.55 m = 7.5 m²


On display at SIMA and Interpom

The Spirit 7200 with Clean & Go bunker will be on display for the first time at SIMA Paris from November 6 to 10 in Paris, followed by the Belgian Interpom trade show from November 27 to 29 at Kortrijk Xpo.

Click here for more information about the Spirit 7200 and its unique haulm separation system using a haulm roller right before the in-line pintle belt.




Tine Coopman         |  Marketing & Communication Manager 

+32 (0)51 24 55 66  |  tinecoopman@avr.be


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