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New cameras for the AVR harvesters


Before going into Christmas holidays, we would like to share some more information on the new cameras the AVR harvesters will be equipped with from now on.


Two major changes in the harvesters’ cameras will be carried out to increase the quality of the images and the ease of use:

  • From now on, the trailed harvesters will be equipped with high-definition cameras and high-definition displays (10.1 inch touch screens) providing a super-sharp image.
  • The Puma 4.0 will be equipped with a state-of-the-art smart digital camera system. These digital cameras provide higher quality images, e.g. a much more stable image in backlight, and lots of extra features.
    • The 2 12" HD displays can show the images of up to 8 cameras on one screen, so up to 16 cameras can be used simultaneously.
    • Clear images even in extreme weather conditions thanks, among other things, to an anti-freeze and anti-fog function (glass heating system). This allows the camera to provide clear images even at extreme temperatures shortly after start-up.
    • The position of the up to 16 cameras – the images of which are distributed over 2 12" screens - can be freely chosen and easily adjusted. All cameras are connected to a network. The position of the camera images on the screen is easily adjustable.
    • Different modes can be chosen: e.g. harvesting/reversing/unloading/road mode. Per mode, it is possible to choose which images you want to see, where you want so see them on the screen and how big. For example, when unloading, the camera images of the elevator in the bunker can be shown larger in order to work more efficiently and safely. Whereas in road mode for example, other images may be more important.
    • Multi touch: if you select 2 images, they will both be shown bigger (going from 6/8 image mode to 2 large images).
    • This modern system gives AVR the possibility to add extra information to these screens in the future (e.g. the speed of the webs) or to develop even more 'smart solutions'.


Any questions? Feel free to contact your dealer or AVR representative!


Tine Coopman         |  Marketing & Communication Manager 

+32 (0)51 24 55 66 | tinecoopman@avr.be


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