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Store loaders - Cobra

Store loaders - Cobra

Crop handling


Fast storage. Gentle handling.

AVR’s ingenious telescopic store loaders are characterized by their efficiency and product-friendliness, and are extremely well-suited for swiftly and efficiently unloading different products such as potatoes, onions and grain.


All of our crop handling and storage equipment is manufactured in our production facility in Veendam (The Netherlands). Click here for a look behind the scenes.



Specification item Strengths

Specification item Models

Cobra 80-15 Cobra 80-17 Cobra 80-19
Length (m) 15 17 19
Conveyor belt width (m) 0.80 0.80 0.80
Power belt drive 1x 5.5 kW 2x 4.0 kW 2x 4.0 kW
Belt speed 32– 126 m/min 32– 126 m/min 32– 126 m/min
Feed height max. (m) 1.06 1.06 1.06
Feed angle max.
Delivery height min.
Entry height
Drive (kW) 9.2 11.7 11.7
Capacity at 110m/min
Track width (m) 2.59 2.59 2.59
Weight (kg) 5,340 5,930 6,180
Specification item Standard equipment

Specification item Options

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Crop handling