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Testimonial from AVR Cobra User


 "I am not all that technical, but the intuitive controls made it relatively easy!" 

Sander Nieuwenhuis is one of the first people to have purchased and used the new Cobra store loader. When asked about his experience of operating the store loader, his reply was most enthusiastic:

AVR Cobra

(f.l.t.r. Gijs-Jan (son off Sander), Sander, Gerrit-Jan Nieuwenhuis)

Having used the machine, what are your first impressions?

Very good actually! Making the switch from my old store loader to my new Cobra has really been quite easy. I experienced no problems whatsoever.

Even though the Cobra is a completely new type of machine, I thought it would be a wise decision to invest in one, and the crop handling and storage processes, both into and out of storage, have proven me right.

What is the biggest advantage of this machine for you?

The Cobra is extremely potato-friendly. It has enabled me to put my crop nicely and neatly into storage, and in the spring I was able to retrieve it from storage completely intact. So the machine is really potato-friendly.

When I used my new Cobra for the very first time, I wasn’t all that keen on having to learn new controls. I am not all that technical, but the intuitive controls made it relatively easy. If I can do it, anyone can! (laughs)

The store loader is also easy to move around, and that saves me an enormous amount of time.

Sander’s Profile:

  • Place of Residence: Zwaanshoek
  • Job Title: Company A.C. Nieuwenhuis en Zonen