ACC digging unit on the Spirit 7200, Spirit 9200 and Lynx


For the Spirit 7200, the Spirit 9200 and the Lynx, we now also offer an ACC digging unit (All Conditions Control).

This is a digging unit that allows you to choose and switch between harvesting with diabolos, or without diabolos, as is the case with the Puma.

It's the best of both worlds: you can choose to harvest with diabolos in dry conditions, when harvesting runs smoothly or when the ridges need to be broken. This includes the hydraulic third point and electro-hydraulic back pressure control.
If the conditions do not allow any pressure to be put on the ridges, the diabolos can be folded away. They still ensure that no potatoes fall out of the machine through the sides.

Good to know:

  • When you're not using diabolos, depth control is carried out through means of position measurement via the probes that control the hydraulic depth adjustment wheels. The left hand probe controls the left wheel, the right hand probe controls the right wheel.
  • These are the same large discs (900 mm diameter) as in the Puma's ACC digging unit and they are driven speed-dependently.
  • In order to be able to select the "ACC digging unit" option, the "hydraulic digging unit preparation kit" has to be selected as well.

Attention: Due to the dimensions of the ACC digging unit, it can only be installed on the Lynx with a row distance of 75 cm and if the wheels and probes are mounted for offset harvesting.