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Testimonial from AVR Falcon User


“I see that the unloading bunker incorporates a great deal of the intelligence gathered in the field.”

In 2016, Adriaan Boudeling purchased one of the first new AVR receiving hoppers; the Falcon. After initially testing the prototype, he reports on his findings with great enthusiasm:

AVR Falcon

© Photo Aardappelwereld

When did you first start using the AVR Falcon?

In 2015, AVR was in the process of developing an innovative receiving hopper; the Falcon. I tested the prototype for AVR throughout the 2016 season to see how it worked, and also to determine if there were any aspects that could be improved upon. I was particularly interested in the operation of the pre-sorting unit.

Having worked with the equipment, what are your first thoughts?

My experience of using the Falcon prototype was so positive that I immediately purchased my own Falcon receiving hopper! First of all, I noticed that the machine was extremely product-friendly thanks to the completely soft webbing of the bottom belt, the soft PU cleaning rollers and the unloading scoops that soften the drop between the receiving hopper and the conveyor belt. This last feature especially shows that AVR has extensive knowledge of the potato as a product, and that they are constantly thinking about any new adjustments that can be introduced to make the machine even more potato-friendly.

The Falcon is also easy to operate. The software-based controls, the setting that enables the user to move the belts sideways, and the operation of the roller sets really help me to make the most of my machine. This is much better than what you could achieve by adjusting the spindle.

Having had first-hand experience of the prototype, I am really pleased that AVR has taken my views into account. The Falcon is quite simply a very good machine and its quality is the result of years of practical experience.

How did you decide to purchase the receiving hopper?

Buying the receiving hopper was really quite easy. Given that I already own an AVR Ecoridger, GE-Force and Multivator tiller and Puma+ harvester, I know exactly what I can expect in terms of quality and service. What’s more, I am in close contact with their dealer Greve, with whom I have a very good business relationship.

Any handy hints and tips?

I also use the receiving hopper for onions and celeriac for optimum productivity! 

Adriaan’s Profile:

  • Place of Residence: Swifterbant
  • Job Title: Owner of a farming company
  • Age: 24