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Testimonial: "The operation is perfect: beautiful, full ridges, high capacity and cost-saving"


Trekkerweb paid a visit to Johan Slager, a satisfied AVR customer who purchased a new combination for the new planting season: the Ceres 440 planter in combination with the MultiForce front cultivator. The advantages this combination offers? Let’s hear from Johan!

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“My name is Johan Slager, I own an arable farm in Sint-Annaland and we also run a potato processing company called Pieperline Holland.

We recently purchased an AVR planter, the Ceres 440, in combination with a MultiForce front cultivator. It’s the first parcel we’re using this combination on but it works perfectly. The ridges are nice and full, the only slight hiccup are some of the roots of the lucerne.

Pre-germination takes place in germination boxes and the potatoes are of the Frieslander variety - and if all goes well we’ll be harvesting in June.

The tractor has 200 hp, which is sufficient to pull the combination. We cover some 4 to 4.5 km/h so that’s a fair bit of capacity.

We plowed here on Monday, today’s Friday so the soil has had time to dry up, and conditions are good. This is light loamy soil with a lutum content of some 18%. Conditions today are perfect, actually.

We opted for this combination to save costs because otherwise you have to ride out separately with the cultivator at the back and in our experience it’s perfectly possible to do both at the same time. This easily saves €100 per hectare.”